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reply KW Observer (28 days 12 hours ago)

What are these lies? Islam commands the worship of God alone and non-killing who did not fight you, do you want to say that you know Islam more than his family?

Embedded in your Dna MX Observer (28 days 14 hours ago)

yes in did is Embedded in your Dna your species must kill is imperative that islamos kill at least once a day, and for your information all this havoc started with muhaMAD Because he NEVER SPOKE WITH GOD , he never was a Prophet he never Spoke or meet with God, as he said islam is the cult of Śâtan.

reply KW Observer (28 days 14 hours ago)

ur country and other countries want to Islam Defamation. it's easy get some people and say after that The Islam is terrorism . very nice =). but the clever search in the topic before saying any thing. u can search Arabian web site to see our thinks. don't say for me what ur media told u, please

reply KW Observer (28 days 14 hours ago)

u see some terrorist people and say this people are all of muslims. why u don't see the muslims who help u and ur country?

Reply KW Observer (28 days 14 hours ago)

I think that u want to waste my time, why do u tell me same things again? U can see titles of Kuwait and It's Islamic country. also I don't know any information about boku haram and if I think again we should kill stupid people like u -_-

islamos peace my ĀŚŚ FUK LIARS CA Observer (28 days 20 hours ago)

you have forgoten to mention the other 478 existing islamic terrorist organizations Worldwide like bokoharam-al-Shabaab bla bla bla bla . Have you forgot how your brother s& sisters have murder 76 MILLION perosns since 1910 ?????????????? the cult of peace my ĀŚŚ !!!!!

islamo killing islamo is great MX Observer (28 days 20 hours ago)

Happy Happy days MX Observer (2 hours 20 minutes ago) every day that islamos kill each other are Happy happy days, . Just Stay out of Israel,Usa,And America Europe,Asia,Australi a,Rusia, China and the rest of the decent World,

BTW i know is you vpn Terrorist MX Observer (28 days 21 hours ago)

BTW i know is you F1lthy vpn Terrorist you foul no one here, the stench of your digital signature distinguished you from 1/2 mile away

farsi ĀŚŚHOLE SHOW ME ! MX Observer (28 days 21 hours ago)

show me where is writeng islamos belong to the Holy Land of Israel ? and in the proceses Nmae ONE village with a islamic name in Israel Before the Genocide of Jews and Eviction on the hands of the f1lthy ottomans in 1915

reply KW Observer (28 days 22 hours ago)

Muslims are killed every day in Syria and Iraq and what did you do? Nothing, above all, you claim humanity, if the killers are Muslim, as you claim, they can't killing their Muslim brothers

Reply KW Observer (28 days 22 hours ago)

palestine is for Muslims since Omar age (some years after prophet Muhammad) he gives us for our muslims

Shi KW Observer (28 days 22 hours ago)

quran said that : وَقَاتِلُو ا فِي سَبِيلِ اللَّهِ الَّذِينَ يُقَاتِلُو نَكُمْ وَلَا تَعْتَدُوا ۚ إِنَّ اللَّهَ لَا يُحِبُّ الْمُعْتَد ِينَ (190) English translate And fight in the way of Allah, who fight against you, and do not transgress: Allah loveth not the aggressors (190) and This is one of the commands of our Prophet Muhammad: "Do not kill a boy, a woman, a great sheikh, nor a sick person, nor a monk, and do not cut fruit, nor destroy a goat, nor slay a cow or a cow except for food."

Happy Happy days MX Observer (28 days 23 hours ago)

every day that islamos kill each other are Happy happy days, . Just Stay out of Israel,Usa,And America Europe,Asia,Australi a,Rusia, China and the rest of the decent World,

is stupid to be islamo in the fi DE Observer (28 days 23 hours ago)

is stupid to be islamo in the first place, you belong to a sectarian Tribal murder cult. is really stupid that any one could choose to be or stay in islam after all the information that Gushes on islamic henchmen killing thounsands daily

name at least one islamic villa US Observer (28 days 23 hours ago)

before the ottoman invasion of Israel Prior 1915. and i mean all Israel not the little Israel after the magiacal creation of joradn

i have read the quran is the gui AU Observer (28 days 23 hours ago)

quran is the guide for the terrorist, even muhaMAD ORDERED PEOPLE TO BE KILLED INSIDE THE kaaba the lack of respect of muhaMAD FOR HUMAN LIFE PERSIST TODAY Just look at you f1lthy Hyenas ALL OVER THE HUMAN bLOOD AND BONES TO please allah

The Logical thinking KW Observer (29 days 19 minutes ago)

If there are Muslim terrorists, this is to distort our image and make you hate us, but whoever wants the truth read the Koran of Muslims and knowed its content. Instead of taking the words of me, media outlets and false history

Shironeko KW Observer (29 days 28 minutes ago)

It is stupid to say Islamic terrorism without reading the Quran for Muslims and Knowing what its content is

Shironeko JP Observer (29 days 33 minutes ago)

Unfortunately, your history is false and ur medias lying to u about the Arabs and the Muslims. Palestine existed from the days of the Islamic Ottoman state. However, after Europe occupied the Arabs, the Islamic State was divided into states and deported all the Jews of the world to Palestine to plant them among the Arabs and destroy the surrounding countries such as Iraq, Syria, and this is the reason for this. What is happening now

LICK YOUR WOUNDS islamos MX Observer (29 days 2 hours ago)

Islamic Terrorism is never spontaneous. Every attack takes Planning and preparation. It take money to fund it, strategy to ensure it goes off properly, technology to be current, arms for fear and control, the media to ensure that most people see it, Islamic / lefties political parties who gain influence from it, fundamentalists who take credit for it, and, finally, the power players who benefit from it the most. When these eight pillars come together, they create a perfect attack, which is what we saw on The Sbarro Yerushalaim Bombimg -the 9/11 attack in the Moscow theater siege, at Bataclan,The Boston Marathon attack--the Nice France attack. The Berlin Market attack- and mst recently the London attack

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By: admin, April 27, 2009


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